Mixed Media & Miniatures Artist, Photographer, Writer & Teacher


MEd, BSc Hon, BA


May 28th - June 9th 2018

Invigilation Rota 2018

Evening sessions might also involve selling drinks and snacks. Have not finished thinking about that yet.
All evening sessions are 5-7pm.

If visitors to the exhibition have a favourite artist that they would like to meet, its a great opprotunity for them to meet you whilst invigilating, when you will be able to tell them more about your work - but not forgetting your invigilation duties!

2 invigilators are required at all times during the event.

Although we are open 10 - 5 could I ask all invigilators to be punctual and arrive and leave 15 minutes earlier / later to allow for opening and closing exhibition.

Invigilation commitment:
Studio artists. 2 session each - max 6 per studio.
Exhibition. 2 sessions each.
Market stall holders are not requires to invigilate.

Please email me with the times you would like to book.