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The skull photograph on the left was taken near the end of the concert. It looks like a side view skeletal clown with it's ruff, hair and pointy chin!

JLS skull Original p1170249 signed


afghan dog facing left

Another skull photograph, this time with hair! Looks like an Afghan or the Dog out of Nightmare before Xmas!

Pete andre weird creature Photo0477 signed

It was so packed at Pete's concert that I couldnt get a good spot, so not so pleased with these. Also this was the first concert where I had tried to take Graffitos and I didn't have my camera so had to take them on my phone.

After taking Graffito photos at several Concerts now, I wonder if there are hidden entities appearing on stage alongside the headline acts!!

Are they a trick of the camera or something a little more interesting!!

Unseen by the Human eye, the camera picks up this Skull at the JLS concert!


Graffitos, otherwise known as Light Paintings, are taken using a photographic technique which I have developed into an art form.
They use no software and these are taken with a simple Panasonic digital camera. the only thing i might do to them is to crop.

There is more information here on graffitos but this page is dedicated to those taken at concerts.... who knows what is lurking undetected by the human eye!!


I run workshops - Studio and Winter Walking Workshops -teaching Graffito.
If you are interested go to the Workshops section to find out more or email me here


The Images opposite are are available as Limited Edition Prints & Notecards (or maybe as screen savers- looking into this one!)


JLS appeared at Norwich City Football Ground supported brilliantly by Olly Murs. A great venue, with plenty of room & a good view. We were seated at the far end directly opposite the stage. Excellent staging, brilliant audience, Outstanding Concert!

Pete appeared at UEA Norwich. A Great Concert at a dreadful venue - especially for short people unless you camp out to get in first! Squashed and terrible view we had to come home and watch the concert on You Tube! We were standing behind the sound desk near to Mike, but so loud we couldn't say hello!