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Secret Garden Workshops

On Halloween 1991 I bought a portion of sweet and salmonella chicken which changed my life!

I ended up in hospital having a near death experience. The following January I had recovered enough to travel and went to Morrocco to get some sun, as I was left in great pain from the salmonella, and whilst in the desert I met a spiritual master who taught me to meditate. (Bit like falling down a hole and finding a ladder!)

It was later that year whilst meditating that I had a vision of an organisation (The Light Foundation, which I founded later that year) and also of a life changing Personal Development / Meditation technique which I called SECRET GARDEN.

Monets Lily Pond. acrylic aug 2010

SECRET GARDEN is a creative life changing personal development technique which uses visualisation, meditation and art to become more in tune with the self. It has been described as Jungian, Shamanic, Spiritual as well as many other things, but it is what ever the participant needs it to be and is a tool which can be used for life.


It took years to develop SECRET GARDEN, teaching it to many thousands of people in the UK and Europe, and later adding an art element which enabled me to teach it in schools. Alongside this I took a counselling course and psychology as part of my degree. I could see how Secret Garden could be used in that context as well. I am glad to say that the technique has helped many people and I have shared it with therapists and teachers who use it in their work.


If you would like to give it a try, check out dates in my Workshop Shop HERE or email me for details.


Monet's Garden


Acrylic by

Tricia Frances