Mixed Media & Miniatures Artist, Photographer, Writer & Teacher

MEd, BSc Hon, BA

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On this page you can find some of the Art work I have done over the years.

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As a child I remember my Mum painting in an Art shop window and later her hands (she had unusual fingernails) were used in advertising (household products). She was a dressmaker and embroideress and created wonderful table cloths and dresses. My Mums Grandmother and Aunt embroidered and my Grandmother on my Dads side was a lacemaker. My sister followed along with needlepoint and I took to art. My youngest daughter who is 22 took  Textiles Btec National Diploma at College and went to University to take a Textiles BA and one of my older daughters is a tattoo artist. So it runs in the family!

I started designing clothes in 1969 professionally when I was 16 and working for a crochet manufacturer. My designs were made up and sold in Biba. This job was followed by a spell as a window dresser and I opened my own shop called Southern Belle designs - selling just that! Crinolines and saloon dresses.

When I was 25 I went to Art College and took what would now be known as a Foundation Art degree followed by a year on an Interior design course with BIID which led to me working as a Mural Artist and set designer.

I moved to Norfolk in 1980's and started Will-O-Wisp, theatrical and historical costumiers where I designed and made costumes and props, dance wear and Gothic / punk fashions for over 20 years.

Since about 2005 I have taught Art in High schools around Norfolk and have become known locally for my photography.

I travel a lot and use those opportunities for photography and inspiration for my art. A trip to the Arctic resulted in a life size Beluga Whale Tail in my garden!

Since 2009 I started looking at Textiles in a more creative way as I wanted to integrate them within my Art teaching, to show another dimension to my students. I also design fabrics from my photographs.

Each year I have a theme, some have been: Aurora, Winter,  Night in the Woods - You can see some of this work below. My current project is Bazaar of Dreams - making Fairy and Dolls House Miniatures that incorporate UV paint. During the day they look normal but they hold secrets in the dark!


So although we don’t need great artists as ancestors, growing up in an artistic environment certainly helps to present opportunities to explore our creative side!

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