Mixed Media & Miniatures Artist, Photographer, Writer & Teacher

MEd, BSc Hon, BA

97 trees flight 7 clean 97 trees flight 7 clean 97 trees flight 7 clean ! Finished room encased

Light Painter / Photographer

On this page you can find some of the Photography I have done over the years.

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I am very inspired by the places that I visit, by nature and the bizarre!

My favourite photography is Light Painting, which I have developed into a technique which I call Graffito, because I think of them as photographic Graffiti!

You can find out more about it here and here

The Grand Canyon, Vegas, Arctic Beluga Whales, Brugge Canals, Cruising Alaska and storm clouds over the Mojave Desert have all been incredibly inspirational, but so too have the frogs and butterflies in my garden, winter firework displays, thetford forest and the amazing Norfolk sunsets.

I do not view life as a photographer but as an Artist who takes photos!

Most of my photos are available as limited edition prints some of which I have ready for sale, the rest would be to order and in all likelyhood a one off print. And all of my photos are available as Note cards (I only have short runs of 10 done at a time, so many are only printed once.

I teach Graffito workshops in the studio throughout the year or as walking workshops in the winter when the christmas light are on - or of course in Vegas or Blackpool if I get a workshop commissioned there!

I do not mess about with any software and only crop, except on my textile designs. What you see is what you get!