During the late 60’s—90’s Tricia was a Fashion designer and Costumier. Her clothes were exported around the world, were sold in Biba London, and she became one of the original Punk / gothic designers!

In the 70's Tricia went to Art College and this led her to opening her Will-o-Wisp designs theatrical and historical costumiers shop, first in London, then in Norfolk in the early 80's. Here she also gained her Equity card and became star of stage and screen!

In the 1992's after a Near Death Experience Tricia developed a meditation and personal development technique called


which she has taught to thousands of people across the UK and abroad.  She now leads Secret Garden Art & Meditation workshops (click here for details)

More recently Tricia has retired from teaching Art & Textiles in High school to focus on her

Bazaar of Dreams

Fairy and Dolls House miniatures project.

She is fascinated by the unseen and recently had a piece of work accepted for Norwich Castle Museum Dream House exhibition where she uses UV paint to highlight things which wer may not see with the human eye.

'As adults when we put our children to bed we think they are in a safe environment but it may not be that way when we switch off the light!'

(Tricia's work is on exhibition and for sale at Norwich castle Museum shop until 25th June 2017)


Tricia regularly exhibits her Mixed & Multi Media Artworks and is loving her new Fairy & Dolls House project

'Bazaar of Dreams'


Tricia has 3 degrees (sounds like a song coming on!) BSc (hon), BA and a Masters in Education. She is currently taking a Creative Arts /Textiles Degree with OCA and enjoying it the best of all her courses!


Tricia lives in Norwich with her daughter, who is at college studying textiles.



Who is

Tricia Frances?!

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Who is Tricia Frances?!


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Tricia xx

MEd, BSc(hon), BA, PGCPSE, DipEd.