Mixed Media & Miniatures Artist, Photographer, Writer & Teacher

MEd, BSc Hon, BA

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Textile Artist & Designer

On this page you can find some of the Textile work I have done over the years.

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My first Textile job was as an outdoor worker when I was 15 whilst studying for my exams and when I left school at 16 I went to work for the company. Before long I was designing clothes that were sold in Biba!

I went on to start my own Theatrical and Historical Costumiers. My first prject was to research, design and make Southern belle and  saloon dresses which took the Country & Western scene by storm and orders came flooding in from around the country.

I had outdoor workers who helped to establish my business with over 6,000 costumes, including carnival and complete production wardrobes. In the shop we sold fancy dress accessories but focused mainly on  Historical and theatrical.

One of my Plantagenet outfits was on display in the Castle Museum and Tourist Board Norwich.

When I started my business there was only 1 competitor in East Anglia, when I closed after 25 years there were hundreds!

I have enjoyed teaching Textiles in high school.


Below is a bag using two of my Monets flowers prints and the top is decorated with Japanese Sashiko Persimmon stitch.

Bag Monet sashiko cerise side p1170364